Akbari Reza Signe Koefoed








Reza is disciplined and trains in the gym everyday. He does weight training and wants to compete in a bodybuilding championship. Singe dances at her school all day long, training hard for her final exams. When Reza needs a choreographer, the two differnt worlds suddenly collide. Opposing learning methods and rituals come to meet. This is an observation of two bodies and a contemplation about their obsession with what they do.

 script, direction, camera, editor Darío Aguirre protagonists Signe Koefoed and Akbari Reza


Kontrast Filmfest Bayreuth, Germany 2008 | St. Pauli Festival Hamburg, Germany 2007 | ambulart Festival der visuellen Kunst Quito, Ecuador 2007 | International Documentary Film Festival EDOC Quito, Ecuador 2007 | Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, Germany 2007

  • Titel: Bodyfront
  • Categorie / year: Documentary | Germany 2007
  • Duration: 14 min
  • produced by: Aguirre.Filmproduktion