The lives of these two characters are very different, and not only because she lives in a tree house. Everything changes when the two try their best to strike a deal. This attempt fails either because of the methods they use or because of the nature of the two themselves. The reason perhaps: An unforgettable memory.

script, direction, editing Dario Aguirre camera Carolina Nogal sound Elena Torres assistance Ana Suárez stars Victor Orozco, Beatriz Bazanta, Marc Witkowski


ambulart Festival der visuellen Kunst Quito, Ecuador 2005 | Filmfestival der Nationen Ebensee, Austria 2004


Mención de Honor. Festival der Nationen Ebensee, Austria 2004

  • Title: Middle point
  • Category/Year: Fiction | Germany 2003
  • Running time: 12 min
  • Produced by: HfbK Hamburg & Darío Aguirre