“Land of My Children” at the Instituto Cervantes Hamburg

Thursday 28.04.2022 7PM “As part of the film program “Cinema and Migration” the documentary by Darío Aguirre will be shown. Darío came to Germany 15 years ago because of love. He met his wife Stephanie at that time during their stay in Ecuador. Over the years, Darío was issued ten different visas. The numerous visits to the immigration office and the constant paperwork have become part of Darío’s daily routine and have always made the family father look at his adopted country with a certain distance. Then, when the First Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, offers Darío German citizenship, he decides to make a film about how it feels to live between the two worlds of his life: that of the country of his parents and that of the country of his children. After the screening, there will be a film discussion with the director, Darío Aguirre.” (Source: Instituto Cervantes Hamburg)